Remove Duplicates and Organize Your Wedding Photos

Wipe Out Useless Duplicates From Your Wedding Photos!

Organizing a wedding album with duplicate snaps is overwhelming. Sift through these clone files using the best duplicate cleaner & professionally get rid of them.

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How to Declutter Your Wedding Photo Album?

Is your wedding album filled with duplicate clicks, and the idea of sitting down and sifting through these uncountable images intimating you? Do you want to save yourself from this hassle and get a duplicate free wedding album? If so, you are in luck. Without spending much time, you can now quickly select the best picture from the pile of duplicate images.

Similar or duplicate pictures appear in almost every event that you get covered by a photographer. And since a wedding is a big and once-in-a-lifetime event, the number of such images is comparatively higher.

Fortunately, decluttering the pile and getting a decent duplicate-free collection is possible. Here, we explain how you can do it and the merits and demerits of doing so.

Why Do You Need To Declutter Your Wedding Photos?

When dealing with 1000+ images of your wedding day, organizing them and removing duplicates seems like a challenging task, and if you get to know that there are thousands or more images then? Well, it does sound daunting, and seeing so many images unorganized is overwhelming. Therefore, they must be arranged chronologically. Some believe it isn’t necessary, but organizing really makes a difference. Once you have a duplicate free and managed photo collection, you can -

  • Save storage space and time.
  • When going through a photo album can have an enhanced experience.
  • You are able to enjoy the moments.
  • You can find the right photo for the right moment.
  • You get a managed digital photo library.

How Can You Remove Duplicate Wedding Photos From Your System?

Ideally, the extra images or similar photos clicked by the photographer to ensure a perfect shot are of no use because, in the end, it is you who has to segregate the best out of all the clicked shots. It surely is time-consuming, but then again, it matters. You are expected to choose an image with the best angle or the color tint.

By following these steps, you can make the best choices in curating the finest wedding album -

  • Create Categories for References: Divide your images into categories, usually, it is done based on the events in your wedding function. Start sorting the images and keep moving the best shots as per the category. This will segregate the album and automatically reduce your job for the latter. Not to mention, the entire wedding clutter will appear smaller if you approach it based on events.
  • Compare Similar Photos Manually: Behind every group of similar images, the photographer has a perspective that makes them good to stay. If you have multiple groups of similar images, pull them together on the screen and give it a quick look. The one that suits you the best as per the aesthetics goes to the selected pile, and the other one should be deleted immediately to reduce confusion.
  • Divide Pictures Among Family: If you are struggling with all the images, you can divide the task within your family and ask them to filter the images of their respective friends and relatives. This way, all the important guests have a picture of your wedding, and the best part you do not have to complete the entire decluttering process on your own.

Decluttering images requires an eye for detail and a lot of time. This is why, instead of decluttering the wedding album, people leave it as it is. However, if you know that there is an automated way to identify duplicate images and manage photo albums, then accurately? Who can say no to such an idea, right?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an ultimate tool that will help you declutter your wedding photos in just a few clicks. Using it without spending much time, you can get a duplicate free photo album.

Steps to delete duplicate photos with Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro & Declutter Wedding Photos

Step 1 - Install and run the software on your system.

Download for Windows

Available for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 (Both 32 & 64 bit)

Step 2 - Select the folder where the wedding photos are saved and perform the scan.

Wedding Photos Folder

Note - If the wedding photos are saved in a folder on Google Drive or Dropbox, select the respective option by clicking the down arrow next to Scan Computer and then perform the scan.

Step 3 - After adding the folder, and photos to scan, selecting scan mode, and making changes to the settings, click Scan for Duplicates to initiate the process.

Auto Mark feature

Step 4 - Wait for the process to finish. It will take time, depending on the number of photographs.

Remove the Rest of the Images

Step 5 - Once the scan is over, you will get two options - Select Manually and Auto Mark. You can use either to select duplicates. We recommend Auto Mark if you want to save time.

Find all Your Images Sorted in the Final Folder

Selecting Auto Mark will automatically mark duplicates leaving one in each group unmarked. Wait for auto marking to complete.

Step 6 - Preview scan results and then click Delete Marked to move ahead.

Find all Your Images Sorted in the Final Folder

Step 7 - Click OK to confirm the action.

Find all Your Images Sorted in the Final Folder

Step 8 - Wait for the process to finish. Once it is completed you will get a sorted collection of wedding photos.

Find all Your Images Sorted in the Final Folder
Find all Your Images Sorted in the Final Folder

Isn’t this an easy way? In hardly 5- 10 minutes you have a sorted wedding album without duplicate images. The algorithm of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is smartly designed, and it gives you the best shot among similar/duplicate photos.

Install the latest version of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro today.