Are you having trouble handling Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and using all of its features? Here are a bunch of FAQs that might help!

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (For Windows) Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (For PC)

Yes, you can! Thanks to the efficient algorithm of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. You can simply launch the application and select the folders that you doubt may have duplicate pictures. You can select the folders from across the computer. Simply add them to the list of folders you want to scan, and all of them will be processed in a go. You can also try to select an entire drive as a directory while selecting a folder; it will scan the drive for you. It's that convenient.
There are different attributes based on which software can identify an image as duplicates. Pictures that are clicked at the same location, simultaneously, in a burst mode, or have similar attributes but are slightly edited are considered in the category. Since it is all done by an intelligent algorithm, the chances of it not detecting a similar image are relatively low. However, just to be sure that the selected images are duplicates, the application shows the images in groups so that they can be compared simultaneously before removing them.

Unlimited! The application effortlessly handles thousands of photos. You can select hundreds of GBs to be checked for duplicates, and the application will do it without breaking a sweat. However, we should mention that the scan may take longer, considering the size and number of images.

Also, if you are using a free trial, your access may be limited to 15 images only. Hence, we recommend that you upgrade to the registered version of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and enjoy the perks.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of the most compatible applications as it requires minimum resources to run. The latest version of the application is compatible with Windows 7 and above. If your PC has 2GB of RAM, 50 GB for free hard drive space, and an OS above Windows 7, you can use the application to remove duplicate photos from your Windows PC.
We firmly believe that anything you invest in must be tried and tested. Hence, we offer a trial version of the app. Using it you can remove 15 duplicate photos for free.

Unfortunately, the trial version is only available once per user. Since you can only delete a certain number of photos and features like Selection Assistant and Automark work, we suggest you invest in a duplicate photo finder for Windows and register your application at a nominal cost. We always have exciting offers, so you can make the most of these discounts and freebies. Register today!

Yes, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro supports external devices and allows you to scan every folder on and off your PC. Connect the hard drive to your PC and add the photos folder from the external drive to the software. You can even take this scanning up a notch by choosing cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive to check for duplicate photos. Provide appropriate permissions by logging in, and you are good to go.
It is optional, as the application can work independently without an internet connection. However, to use extended software modes, such as scanning Google Drive, Dropbox, and other libraries, there has to be some sort of connectivity available to support the process. Also, since we regularly release patch updates to improve your experience, we recommend you use the application with an internet connection so you get all the updates.
If you accidentally closed the application, there is no need to worry. You can go back to the app launcher and start the process again. Only this time, the scan will not take as much time as it took once as the application has already scanned duplicate pictures from the same. However, if you plan to find duplicates from another source, the process will work as it did earlier.

Deleted duplicate photos are sent to the recycle bin so that if you have removed the wrong copy of the file, you can recover it from the same. If you are 100% sure you do not require the deleted files anymore, you can simply finish removing them by heading to the recycle bin and deleting them all.

Also, in the case of external duplicates, such as on your external hard drive, the files will be directly deleted, so review them properly.