How To Organize Hundreds Of Your Wedding Photos?

Wipe Out Useless Duplicates & Arrange Your Wedding Photos!

Organizing a wedding album may seem overwhelming, especially when there are tons of duplicate snaps. Use the best duplicate cleaner & sift through clone files in a professional way!

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How to Declutter Your Wedding Photo album?

Wedding albums can be difficult to sort. The idea of sitting down and selecting photos from the pile of uncountable images seems a bit intimidating. Considering the time it takes. As even the best photographers click multiple shots to capture a moment, you are not wrong if you keep postponing this task. As these multiple captures pose a situation where different perspectives may find different shots to be perfect. That is why photographers insist that you go through them and select the best pictures out of the clutter.

Similar or duplicate pictures appear in almost every event that you get covered by a photographer. And since a wedding is as big of an event as it can get, the number of such images is comparatively higher.

There are multiple ways you can declutter the pile and make a decent collection of images from the available options. Let us quickly take a look at all of them and understand what are their merits and demerits.

Ways to Choose the Best Images From Your Wedding Photo Clutter

Ideally, the extra images or similar photos clicked by the photographer to ensure a perfect shot is a clutter because they are of no use. In order to make the final album memorable, you have to take the initiative of segregating the best out of all the clicked shots. It surely is time-consuming, but then again, it matters. You are expected to choose an image with the best angle or the color tint.

Here are the most effective ways you can make the best choices in curating the finest wedding album -

  1. Create Categories for References

    - Divide your images into categories, usually it is done based on the events in your wedding function. Start sorting the images and keep moving the best shots as per the category. This will segregate the album and automatically reduce your job for the latter. Not to mention, the entire clutter of the wedding will appear smaller if you approach it based on events.

  2. Compare Similar Photos Manually

    - Behind every group of similar images, the photographer has a perspective that all these have something that makes it good to stay. If you have multiple groups of similar images, pull them both up together on the screen and give it a quick look. The one that suits you the best as per the aesthetics goes to the selected pile and the other one should be deleted right away to reduce confusion.

  3. Divide Pictures Among Family

    - If you are having a hard time going through all the images, you can divide the task within your family and ask them to filter the images of their respective friends and relatives. This way, all the important guests have a picture of your wedding and the best part. You do not have to complete the entire decluttering process on your own.

    Decluttering these images requires an eye for detail along with a lot of time to spend. However, those left after choosing are unnecessary and may occupy a lot of space if not decluttered.

    So what to do? Well, technology has paved the path to reducing your stress and can make tasks easier. With the help of an automated similar photo segregation tool, you can get the best results without spending a lot of time.

    Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the ultimate tool that can help you declutter your wedding photos in just a few clicks. Check out the next section to understand how!

How to Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro & Declutter Wedding Photo Album?

Step 1 - Install the Software & Run it on Your System

Step 2 - Select the Wedding Photos Folder and Run the Scanner

Step 3 - Use Auto Mark feature to save time and finish selection

Step 4 - Allow the Software to Remove the Rest of the Images

Step 5 - Find all Your Images Sorted in the Final Folder

Yes it’s that Easy! It hardly takes 15 minutes to give you a much sorted wedding album that you can easily sort and since the algorithm is smartly designed, it gives you the best shot among the similar/duplicate photos.

Install the latest version of Duplicate Photos Fixer pro today to make the most out of the software, don’t forget to share this post with your newly wedded friends as you know who needs it the most ;). Good Luck!