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Ways to Delete Duplicate Photos in Smartphone via Computer

Clicking pictures has turned into one of the primary features of a smartphone. The companies catering to the market of smartphones are also focusing majorly on improving the camera performance, and while they are doing a great job, the convenience of capturing anything, anywhere, is slowly turning into trouble for smartphone users.

How? When you have access to great resources, you often try to overuse them, which might result in digital chaos. The best example is capturing multiple shots of a single object or scene. While you intend to get the best shot out of your smartphone camera, you unintentionally start creating duplicate pictures that start gathering in your gallery and take up a lot of space.

It is not a very exclusive issue as almost every smartphone user faces such issues regularly. Duplicate photos are those images that exist unnecessarily. These are unintentionally saved image files that appear on your smartphone dues any of the following reasons -

  1. Multiple Shots of a Single Object (Burst Pictures)
  2. Thumbnail Files Created by Various Applications
  3. Social Media Copies Shared Via Gallery
  4. Malware or Virus Attack on Your Smartphone
  5. Error in Data Transfer
  6. Edited & Original Copies of the Same Image

All these reasons define the way a smartphone works, and while malware and virus attack is also listed among the reasons, usually it is the last thing that affects your system. Two of the most prominent ones among the two are burst pictures and social media copies.

How do Duplicate Photos Impact Your Smartphone?

The issue of duplicate photos on your smartphone might seem mild in the beginning. However, it can cause some serious issues in your experience. As a user, you expect your smartphone to be on par every time you turn to it for a task. The quality of images you have on your smartphone is high nowadays, which means it takes up substantial space in your storage. The more duplicate and similar photos you have, the lesser your storage gets. Low storage not only impacts your ability to store data but also affects the overall performance of your device.

For instance, if your device is running on a 90% storage capacity, it might perform better, heats less, and enhance your experience. On the other hand, if your smartphone only has 10% of storage to run, the heating issues and the slow animation might ruin your experience. Not only that, the purpose of carrying a smartphone is defeated if you do not have all its resources available when you need them.

Cleaning these duplicate photos from your smartphone may turn into a headache as you will have to manually search for the folders in your gallery and then move ahead with selective deletion of all the images, one by one. It is a time taking, tedious process which almost every one of us wants to avoid. What if there was something to help you out with these cleaning without turning into a troublesome task? What if there was a way to find and remove all the duplicate pictures from your smartphone? Well, if you have a computer, you are about to crack the code of deleting these duplicate photos once and for all. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, a software that can help you remove duplicate photos on smartphones via computer. How? Well, for that, you will have to read the next section carefully. Are you ready?

Delete Duplicate Photos From Your Smartphone in Minutes With Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a computer-based software that works on a smartly designed algorithm that scans your PC for duplicate photos and gives you the flexibility to choose which copies to keep and which to remove, all in a single window.

You might be wondering how it will help in deleting duplicate photos from my smartphone if it is computer-based software. The answer to that is simple, the software is capable of scanning external devices for duplicate photos, and thus it becomes super easy to filter out all the duplicate images after connecting your smartphone with your computer. Let’s take a deeper dive into how the software works -

Step 1 - Connect Your Smartphone with the System and Run the Software

Once you run the free duplicate photo finder, a screen would appear, asking you to select the folders that you want to scan. Your Libraries and Desktop will be automatically displayed there for your convenience; however, since you want to scan your smartphone, you will have to select the folders from your device.

Step 2 - Click on Add Folder, Select Your Device & Wait While the Software Adds the Folder for Scanning

Once you have explored all the options, click on “Add Folder” and search for your smartphone that is connected to the system. The software will add the folder to the scanning radar of the system so you can go ahead with the scanning.

Step 3 - Click on the path you want to scan and click on “Scan for Duplicates” in the bottom of the software window.

Clicking on Scan for Duplicates will command the software to go through all the images in the selected path. After that, the algorithm will work on your smartphone and scan the device for duplicate images.

Step 4 - Check the Software Results Before Cleaning the Photos for Accuracy

Once the scanning is complete, you can go through the results shown by the system and check whether these are accurate or if some shots that you don’t think are duplicates are listed in the results. The efficient algorithm used by the software usually gives out the best results; however, for your satisfaction, the software allows you to mark or unmark the results and prepare them for deletion after review.

Step 5 - Mark and Click on Delete Marked to Remove all the Duplicates From Your Smartphone

Mark and select the least desired copy of the image to delete. You can also use the auto-mark feature to save time. This way, you can understand which of these duplicates is a high-quality original and which one is the later copy. If both are the same in size and quality, then any of these can be removed without thinking twice.

After marking, click on Delete Marked to Start the Process. You will get a pop-up to understand that your image can be found in the recycle bin after deletion. Click OK and go ahead with the process.

Give the process a little time to go through the deletion process, once it is completed the software gives you completion prompt too.

And you are done!

Working with the software is super easy, and the best part is you do not have to worry about any data breach or sharing as it is a completely offline process. You can simply connect the smartphone to your system, and you're good to go.

If you are also struggling with duplicate pictures on your smartphone, this can be the best solution for you. Remember, all you need is a computer and Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro!